We have a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and communities of which we are connected to.


Liv-eat is committed to researching, evaluating and adopting new products and methods to reduce our environmental impact in our ongoing quest to conduct business in a sustainable manner.


1) Reduce landfill by expanding our KeepCup campaign to include smoothie and juices. 2) Replace plastic straws and cutlery with bio alternatives. 3) Implement a ‘BYO’ salad container program and policy.


We have taken a strategic approach at Liv-eat to better understand how we can minimise our impact on the environment whilst we continue to deliver social and economic benefit to the communities in which we operate. We openly acknowledge that although we have come along way, there is still work to do, and with your continued support and patience we are getting there.


As a business operating in local communities, we have the unique privilege to be able to support the communities that support us. We provide support for individuals, clubs, schools, education programs and charities. We also help each community prosper through social and economic growth, we do this in a number of ways. 1) We employ numerous staff and provide training for tomorrows leaders 2) We support local farmers and suppliers 3) We use local tradespeople and community based businesses on a daily basis. All of which results in a positive net benefit for each community.


We do our best to deliver quality products that can be enjoyed by you, your friends and family at your place of choice, and packaging plays a key role in our ability to consistently deliver you the Liv-eat products that you love.

At Liv-eat the notion of living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating healthy foods and being active, it is about caring for the environment we live in. With saying this, we will continue to acknowledge the need to focus our efforts to reduce the impact on the environment for current and future generations.


We choose our suppliers carefully, suppliers who have demonstrated a desire to deliver products and packaging that will reduce environmental impact and align with the anticipated future developments of waste management and composting capabilities in the regions that we operate.

We have replaced a large majority of our packaging with recyclable, compostable and reusable options. We still have a minimal range of products that are made of plastic and we are continuing to adopt new alternatives to replace them.

As part of our sustainability vision for 2018 we have introduced the Liv-eat KeepCup range a reusable cup policy. This has resulted in a 50 cent discount for KeepCup refills and 20 cent discount for other reusable cups. We are also striving to fully eliminate the use of plastic straws.


We will continue to embrace new and better ways of operating more sustainably for a brighter future. We realise that we still have a lot to do and we are clearly working on it. Let us know if you have any great suggestions. 

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